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World Class Travel Pvt. Ltd. is One stop shop for your customized holidays that has been committed to plan and deliver holidays since years, dedicating its hard work and effort in arranging holidays for tourists all from all over the globe. We are a trusted travel company, our strengths include a large and loyal customer base, a multi-channel platform for leisure and business travelers. We have a team of dedicated professionals, who have earned a lot of business experience over the course of time, and established a lot of connections throughout the world.


Lowest price for hotels, holidays and sightseeing

Choose from a range packaged holiday tours or customise one suitable to your family's requirements

Standard as well as luxury hoteliers in the destination you plan to visit.

The best car agencies and service providers offering reliable transport.

The most polite & knowledgeable tour executives to help you.

24-hour on-call support throughout your tour during emergencies.